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Business Class Travel to Australia

Sydney Opera HouseIf you’re planning to travel to Australia for business, you might not think that you’ll need to do any real preparation for the trip. It’s a foreign country, but in a lot of ways, Australia is similar to America: It’s a westernized, English-speaking country, and a lot of their corporate culture is very similar to ours. Even the currency is familiar: They use the dollar, although it’s the Australian dollar, not the same ones we use. So you won’t have to worry about a lot of the things that are usually concerns when traveling abroad for business, like learning business etiquette and getting used to the food. Once you’re there, you shouldn’t have too many issues conducting business as you usually would back home. Getting there, on the other hand … therein lies the challenge.

Relax: This Will Take a While

To get to Australia, you’d better plan for a few extra days off on either side of your trip. Flying to Sydney takes between 14 and 24 hours, depending on what part of the United States you’re flying from. And it’s not just the time in the air you’ll have to worry about: Flying west over the International Date Line means that you will lose a whole day. For instance, if you leave Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon, by the time you get to Sydney, it will be Sunday morning there! It’s no surprise, then, that making the trip can leave travelers feeling disoriented. It’s also likely that you’ll feel the effects of the dreaded jet lag, which will slow you down once you’re on the ground. Or will it? There is one way to help ensure that you will get to Austria bright-eyed and bushy-tailed: Book a business class flight.


You could also book a first class flight to Australia, and that would certainly get you to your destination feeling refreshed. Depending on the airline, the business class cabin will often come with a lot of the same perks you get in first class, like seats that recline flat, so you can get plenty of sleep on the way to Sydney, minimizing that jet lag. Certain airlines will even include things like high-end amenity kits and massage chairs for those in business class. You’ll also be well-fed during your flight, since business class tickets to Australia come with multi-course meals, often including wine pairings, not to mention the usual snacks and drinks. When you have an enjoyable flight in first class, you’ll have the advantage of being well-rested and ready to deal once you arrive in Australia.

Better Flight, Better Price

Business travel is about making money, not spending it, but when you book your trip with Executive Class Travel, you know you’ll be making a good investment. We can save you between 40 and 70 percent on discount business class flights to Australia, and our price-match guarantee ensures that you’ll get the lowest possible price. Looking to save even more? If you have some unused airline miles, you can sell them to us and use that money to lower the cost of your discount airfare even further.

For more than 20 years, the experts at Executive Class Travel have been helping people purchase discount airfares, both domestic and international. Whether you need to go across the country or halfway around the world, we can get you there, and with our stellar customer service, you won’t need to worry about a thing. Prominent government officials and famous entertainers trust us to get them where they need to go, and you should, too. Call us at 1-866-950-2200 today, and let us help you save money on flying in business class to Australia. Then, all you’ll have to worry about is the sales pitch you’ll give once you get there!