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Business Travel Tips & Etiquette

Executive travelers understand that time is valuable. It’s imperative that you utilize every moment efficiently when you travel for business. Between every point of travel, whether from home to the airport or from the airport to your final destination, you must ensure the efficiency of your business schedule. Savvy corporate travelers follow winning business travel tips such as these to ensure a successful trip. Experienced corporate travelers also understand the importance of following business travel etiquette in every professional and personal interaction.

Travel usually involves the planning of airfare and accommodations. Most tips for business travel include the recommendation that for the smoothest traveling experience when flying for business, you should book business class or first class airfare. The benefits of sitting in the first class section are significant. In this section of the aircraft, you can enjoy plenty of room at your seat to stretch out your legs. Flight attendants will serve gourmet meals, often created by expert chefs. You might also have special seats that allow you to convert them into comfortable beds. These amenities ensure that you arrive at your destination feeling rested and refreshed instead of feeling tired and bedraggled because you sat in the economy section. Booking a corporate flight with Executive Class Travel could also provide you with a discount of as much as 70 percent off the regular purchase price of airfare for many worldwide destinations. Imagine being able to use your airfare savings to pay for car rental or even luxury hotel accommodations at your destination!

Chief among business travel tips is to consider business travel etiquette. Understanding the culture and customs of your destination is crucial to your professional success, especially when you travel internationally. Practices you encounter while traveling can be very different from the way people conduct business in your country, so it’s important to follow basic business etiquette tips. Other countries have specific customs regarding shaking hands, posture, sitting position, eye contact, and business introductions. Making etiquette mistakes could result in disastrous offenses with business colleagues in a foreign country. In general, business etiquette tips involve learning key phrases in the local language and the customary ways people in a culture greet each other. As a guest in a foreign country, your goal should be to conduct yourself respectfully and politely in that culture.


One of the most important tips for business travel involves careful planning of every part of a trip. Don’t forget to choose your hotel location carefully to ensure that it’s convenient to your business functions. Having to travel extensively between venues could cost you precious time and money. As you plan your business trip, finding the best values in airfare will be the least of your concerns: At Executive Class Travel, our travel consultants are ready to assist you with finding the best airfare deals to save you money. You can even book your flights online to save yourself time. We also offer our customers a price-match guarantee to ensure that the tickets we offer come at the best price available.

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