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About Us

Executive Class Travel has earned a reputation as a top business travel agency by offering corporate and executive clients some of the best deals in the industry. We hunt for the best prices on business class and first class tickets so that our discerning clients can fly comfortably, reward high-performing employees, and conduct face-to-face international meetings smoothly. Since 1992, we’ve been providing executive travel services to some of the top brands out there, and today, we’re still as committed as ever to providing amazing deals at affordable prices.

Experienced, Knowledgeable Agents

Our executive travel associates have more than 25 years of travel industry experience and are highly knowledgeable about airline consolidation and taking care of busy, business-oriented clients. Whether you need a more affordable, high-end flying solution or would like to sell extra, unused miles, a business travel agent from Executive Class Travel can help. Our staff provides excellent, hands-on customer service for all of our clientele.

The Lowest Prices, Guaranteed

As a business travel agency, we have one real focus: providing the best prices on first class, business class, and VIP travel. Today, you can save up to 70 percent with our discounted business and first class tickets. With such amazing prices, we simply won’t be outmatched. By consolidating and hunting for the best deals, we know that we’ll never be undersold. Our team of executive travel associates work tirelessly to bring you to your location at an affordable price. We also provide assurance; our site is backed by a 100 percent price-match guarantee!

New Solutions for Businesses and Corporate Fliers

As a hard-working team, we aim to help our corporate, small business, and individual clients get to their destinations in style, whether that destination be Japan, Africa, England, or closer to home. Don’t risk the huge expense and the bad PR that can result from a private jet. Don’t let your C-level executives or high-performing staff go unappreciated in coach, either. Treat yourself or your teams with first class and business class airfare bought with us. Our clients get the same seats at a fraction of the cost. We at Executive Class Travel want to make sure that your business flights are fun, affordable, enjoyable, and safe. We also want to ensure that those with extra miles can sell them in a secure and stress-free way. Online, companies can sell miles securely at very competitive rates.

First Class Customer Service

When you book with us, know that you’ll be in good hands. We’ve helped high-ranking government officials, big-name actors, and numerous professionals save thousands of dollars on their yearly travel budgets. We offer flexible payment options, friendly service, and helpful consulting services to VIP and business travelers. If you’re looking to buy affordable tickets and still have a luxurious flying experience, why not see what we can offer first? Call us for a fast and absolutely free quote at 1-866-950-2200. Our executive travel associates in Dallas, TX, would be happy to talk to you about finding the fairest fares today. Purchase tickets with us and save on your next flight!

DisabledTravelers used to be operated by Jeremy Rynders of Yucca, Arizona and is archived here.