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Business Class Travel to Asia

JapanEdited by: Janet Ambrose
The current trends of international markets and the global economy have created many business opportunities in the Eastern Hemisphere. Business travel has skyrocketed as executive and corporate travelers visit areas such as India, Singapore, China, and Japan to initiate new affiliations and negotiate deals. The benefits of conducting international business are many; however, executive travelers must proceed carefully. Visiting Asia without considering business and personal etiquette could result in costly errors and embarrassing incidents due to the significant cultural differences that exist in this region. Bone up one what you need to know before you go, then speak with a travel representative at Executive Class Travel to fly business class to Asia today.

Asian nations have specific rules for business etiquette that may be significantly different from the rules that Western executives expect. Respect demands that business cards include text in both English and the native language of the country. When meeting a new business contact in Asia, the executive should offer a business card using both hands. Asians consider offering a business card with one hand too casual. When receiving someone else’s business card, read it respectfully before placing it into a case or in front of you on a table. Do not pocket a business card without looking at it.

When Asians conduct business over a meal, they spend time visiting in a personal manner first before diving into business matters. Rushing into business too quickly may offend your associates. In fact, Asian executives value learning about people they associate with professionally. They want to ensure that they feel comfortable with colleagues both personally and professionally. Meal etiquette is important for Asians. Try a bit of every food offered, and offer positive feedback about both the quality and the abundance of the meal. When eating with chopsticks, avoid piercing morsels with a chopstick. Never insert both chopsticks into a bowl of rice: This creates an image associated with funerals. Asians would consider this action bad luck.

Take care with your personal appearance while conducting business internationally in Asia. Always freshen up so you look neat and well-rested before arriving at a business meeting. It’s easy to look tired and disheveled after a long flight, but Asians would consider it disrespectful to attend a meeting in this condition. You can avoid this unpleasant faux pas by flying in business class or first class when you visit Asia. Booking the best business class flights to Asia with Executive Class Travel will ensure a first-rate travel experience at discount prices. Enjoy our price-match guarantee, which ensures that you will get the best price possible for your tickets. Speak with a travel representative today about your international trip: We may be able to help you save as much as 70 percent off of published airfares.

Imagine some of the benefits of traveling to Asia in the front section of the plane. You will have ample legroom in front of your seat. Your seat may even adjust so that it becomes a flat bed. In addition, the meals served in the front section are often planned by gourmet chefs. All of these amenities ensure that you arrive at your destination rested and ready to work. Contact us today at 1-866-950-2200 to purchase discount first class and business class travel to Asia.