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Corporate Travel Management Solutions

Get the best corporate travel management services from a company with more than 20 years of experience in working with businesses and executives. We offer corporate travel solutions to both large and small businesses looking to cut costs and travel to their international or domestic locations more efficiently and enjoyably. As a corporate travel agency, Executive Class Travel can help accounting departments control the high costs of making sure that their company’s high-level management professionals can meet international clients and employees face to face.

Take Charge of Your Travel Budget

With a 100 percent price-match guarantee, it’s easier than ever to control the costs of frequently highly priced first class and business class airline tickets. Our team of travel associates works hard to consolidate and find the best corporate travel deals, resulting in as much as 40 to 70 percent off of normal first class ticket pricing. Being able to cut the overall price of a flight means that you can allow your business travelers more freedom in other areas of their trip, giving them more decision-making power on how to maximize their productivity, which they often appreciate. Because they can book discounted flights at more reasonable rates, many corporations, government offices, and businesses use us to take charge of bloated travel budgets. Also, when a company overspends, they can also sell back unused miles securely with us to get a better return on their investment. Using these and many other tactics can help corporations get their travel budgets back under their control.

Reward High-Performing Employees and Teams

When you get better prices on business class tickets, that means that you don’t have to stuff your best-performing staff, C-level executives, influential negotiators, and key decision-makers in coach. You can let them know they’re appreciated by offering flights with better services. Also, productivity may increase because they will often have fewer distractions while in flight. Better sleep in semi- or fully reclining seats may lead to less-groggy meetings. Also, for higher-ranking executive staff, who are used to private jets, first class flights, and VIP treatment, you can get the same seats for a better price. With better corporate travel management and consolidation, a company may be surprised how much they can afford. Make sure that travel feels like an opportunity rather than a chore for your key, hard-working staff.

Ensure Your Team Gets There

It doesn’t matter where your team has to go internationally or domestically: Executive Class Travel can help ensure that they get there. We are a corporate travel agency that can find deals no matter where your company’s locations, business partners, or projects are. We have flights everywhere, from London to Beijing to Sydney to New York

Get Consulting and Help From Highly Experienced Travel Experts

Contact us at 1-866-950-2200 to talk to a corporate travel agent who can help you manage your next major business trip or yearly travel budget. We can offer consulting services, and our experienced staff (many of whom have more than 25 years of experience in working with discerning clients like government officials and entertainment professionals) can help you plan everything from getting better deals to offering tips for low-hassle, low-cost business travel. While many of our competitors focus on sales alone, we consider you to be a business partner.

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We want to help you purchase more affordable business flights, buy your extra miles, and help you and your employees have better travel experiences. Learn more about our corporate travel services by contacting us online or over the phone. Save on airfare and allow your staff to enjoy longer business trips today!