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First Class Flight Deals

Edited by: Janet Ambrose
Save up 40 to 70 percent on first class flights with Executive Class Travel, your #1 source for premium tickets at affordable prices. With us, you can get discount first class airfare so that you can enjoy a relaxing travel experience without having to break your travel budget. We do all of the work, hunting for the absolute best price online. Our first class airfare deals are backed by our 100 percent price-match guarantee!

Get Excellent In-Flight Service

Enjoy amenities like additional meals, beverages, extra-wide and fully reclining seats, toiletry kits, and personal video or entertainment systems. Anyone who has flown in both first class and coach knows the two are completely different experiences! By buying discounted first class airline tickets from Executive Class Travel, one can indulge in a truly memorable flight experience without having to pay a mile-high price. Some international first class flights even offer truly luxurious features like seats that turn into beds, gourmet meals, noiseless headphones, complimentary silk pajamas, access to lounge areas, and separate cabins. On each airline, though, you’ll know that you’ll be getting more attentive service, more room to stretch out, and a comfortable experience even during long flights. Relax and stop suffering in coach; get into first class for a stress-free flight.

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Reward Your Employees or Yourself

This is one of the top ways to recognize your high-performing employees going to international or domestic meetings. Treat each employee like they are the 1st on your list! You can also enable your C-level executives to avoid the bad press, carbon footprint, and high costs that come with private jets. We often work with both corporate travel departments of major companies and individuals to try to help them reward employees with first class deals and stay within budget. We can help you craft a solution that’s right for your business. Or, if you’re simply looking to have a better and more affordable flight experience as an individual, we can help you, too. Enjoy your vacation, honeymoon, or other trip while traveling in VIP style.

Fly Anywhere for Less

Flights, especially international flights, can feel very long when one is uncomfortably stuffed into coach seats for several hours. If you’re flying far, either domestically or globally, it’s important to make sure you, your employees, or your team are comfortable. We can help you get a first class ticket anywhere, including London, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, and domestic locations like New York City or Los Angeles! We can help you save with discount first class airfare, prepare for your flight, get better seats, and get to your international meetings in style. Feel free to contact us at 1-866-950-2200 to learn about our tips and tricks for international travel. (One tip is to view wait times ahead of time.)

Enjoy a First Class Flying Experience

With Executive Class Travel, you can buy discount first class airline tickets and get the same seats for a fraction of the normal cost. Get executive-worthy services at excellent prices. Call us to get a free quote, and we’ll hunt for the best first class airfare deals to your next location. Book your flight with us today. Why settle for anything less than excellent?