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Business Class Travel to Singapore

singaporeBe more productive on your next international corporate trip when you fly in business class to Singapore. This metropolis has a long history, serving as a stopover city for business and executive travelers arriving in Asia on their way to other cities and countries in the region. But recent developments in Singapore have led to this island city-state achieving status as a nation worthy of a direct visit by executive and corporate travelers. Business executives in search of professional deals in the oil and gas, banking, and shipping industries will find plentiful opportunities. Tourists have also discovered the beautiful resorts and scintillating culture that thrive, perfect for relaxation and exploration. Singapore offers something for everyone, from the enterprising business traveler to the carefree tourist. Book Singapore business class airfare, then prepare carefully before visiting this little island nation to ensure that you’re ready for everything that Southeast Asia has to offer.

Conducting business in Singapore demands a few modifications for executives from the Western corporate arena. When attending a meeting, greet the top senior executive first, and then greet the other executives in order of seniority. Always introduce yourself and your business companions similarly. Citizens consider prolonged eye contact to be threatening, so avoid this. In fact, it’s best to avoid any and all conflict as you interact with local citizens. Always communicate clearly and concisely, especially when discussing details of a business transaction.

As you plan a professional lunch or dinner, consider visiting an exclusive restaurant on the island. Celebrity chefs have discovered the delights of Singapore, and you will find ample choices in upscale restaurants. It’s always wise to ask your Singaporean business associates for local restaurant recommendations. The streets are rife with street vendors offering delectable refreshments that reflect the nation’s mix of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Stay mindful of the climate as you plan your day. The high temperatures and humidity can make it challenging to travel on foot between destinations, especially when dressed in business wear.

Traveling to Singapore can be a lengthy process. Choosing economy class could result in a less than pleasant travel experience. Instead, if you purchase Singapore business class or first class tickets, you can arrive at your destination feeling fresh and energized. We know you have a travel budget, and that’s why we offer an affordable option for business class travel when you book your tickets online with Executive Class Travel. In fact, we can help you save as much as 70 percent off business or first class flights to Singapore. Some of the perks you can enjoy include ample legroom at each seat, fold-out seats that transform into comfortable beds, and delicious meals planned by top chefs. Executive Class Travel offers customers the comfort and assurance of knowing that we have more than 20 years of flying experience serving travelers. You never need to pay top price to get the best travel experience with us. You can also have confidence in our price-match guarantee that ensures that you get a great discount on your business class flights to Singapore. If you have unused airline miles, we will even purchase them from you to increase your savings. Call us at 1-866-950-2200 to speak with a travel consultant and save on your next travel purchase to Singapore. Our professionals are ready to give you all the corporate travel details you’ll need.