Australia says hello in this week’s post!

Australia says hello in this week’s post
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

It’s your home on the web for the latest and greatest in the rapidly expanding world of accessible travel: featuring everything from global access guides to disabled hotel listings to fun tips and treats for you and your travel companions.

This week is our regular news coverage, delving deep into what accessible tourism has to offer and letting you know just who is doing what and where!

In September, I got so excited about Spain and big changes in accessible air travel, I plum forgot to do a news post.

So, check back next week for a few more choice headlines.

Paving the Way for Travelers with Disabilities: You know that things are good when The Today Show gets involved. Today Travel partnered with to produce this nifty little article about the growing prevalence of accessible travel facilities. It includes some great tips, and a list of the best disabled travel resources on the Web. This includes — wouldn’t you know it? — our very own site and blog! Thanks, Today!

4 Aussie Adventures for the Disabled: Australia used to have a reputation as something of a rough wilderness for disabled travelers. As this article shows, though, things are getting better and that perception is changing fast as Australia’s natural wonders become more and more accessible! There are some great suggestions here, especially for nature lovers: dolphins, penguins, and the Great Barrier Reef all feature prominently in these suggestions from CNN Go, part of CNN International.

Top Trips for People with Disabilities: From one of Australia’s foremost online news portals, the great news that Australians are taking the lead as pioneers for disabled travel. There are lots of fantastic destinations listed here, well outside of “Oz” — and I’ve got to admit, quite a few that I never thought about. In addition to some lovely spots around Australia, you can hear about Bali, Hong Kong, and cruising the South Pacific. Check out the awesome links to destination info and service providers!

Disabled “Feel Excluded” From Overseas Travel: Way over on the other side of things, this article from the UK site Travel Bites lets us know that there’s room for improvement even in one of the most accessible destinations on Earth. Disheartening news as we learn that more than half of disabled people surveyed in the UK feel that travel agents don’t meet their needs. That’s a shocking state of affairs, since UK law has banned any form of discriminatory treatment from travel providers since 1996.

That’s it for today’s Disabled Travelers blog, but I hope to see you again next Friday and every Friday. Keep watching this blog … and, of course, The Today Show. Cheers!


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