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By: Janet Ambrose
Using a travel companion is something that some travelers are forced to do because of their disability. Others like to use travel companions to have a friend along to share their travel experience with. Regardless of which category you fit in, there are some great travel companion companies/websites that will assist you in finding that perfect match for you and your trip. While the companies below provide only travel companions, you may want to contact one of our tour operators that provide group tours with travel companions or caretakers included.

Travel companions can have widely varying tasks ranging from assisting loading and unloading your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter to just giving you a hand navigating unavoidable staircases and are indispensable with some tours.

FYI - does not have its own travel companion service. Below are links to companies that do. Some specialize in providing travel companions for disabled travelers but most are general travel companion companies for everyone.

Companies specializing in providing travel companions for
disabled travelers

Companies that offer "general"
travel companion services

Preferred Providers

Travel Mates Online

Travel Companion Exchange, Inc

Travel Chums

Travel Aides International

Accessible Journeys
Travel Companion Program


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