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Different Types of Learning Disabilities

By: Janet Ambrose
A learning disability can be caused by brain injury or medical condition. Children who suffer from a specific learning disability may find it difficult to read and write. Solving simple arithmetic problems can also difficult for a child with any of the types of learning disabilities that exist. Studies and research show that almost 30 percent of the general population suffers from one kind of learning disability or another. Let’s look at the five most common types of learning disabilities.  

1) Dysgraphia

Children with dysgraphia may be unable to differentiate between words so writing can be difficult. In most of the cases, the child also finds it difficult to understand different sounds and words which are spoken.

Common Dysgraphia Symptoms

  • Even if the child is provided with high quality education, he or she finds difficulty in writing words and numbers when they have this specific learning disability.
  • Some children affected with dysgraphia find it difficult to process the language.
  • The handwriting of dysgraphia-affected children is also very difficult to interpret.
  • Typically, dysgraphia-affected children have problems with spelling and they mix up the alphabet.

Treatments for Dysgraphia

Even though there are some common symptoms of dysgraphia, the victim may also have his or her own unique set of symptoms. Dysgraphia generally occurs among children below 15 years of age but this specific learning disability may also be present in adults as well. Treating dysgraphia may take weeks or even months but patience is essential. Here are some popular and effective treatments of dysgraphia:

  • Language therapy programs for improving general writing ability of the child.
  • Special training for better recognition of letters and numbers.
  • Special training which emphasizes the motor skills of the child such as the coordination of the hands.


  • Dysgraphia: An overview of the disability.
  • What is Dysgraphia?: The page explains how dysgraphia affects early writers, young students, and more. 

2) Nonverbal Learning Disability

It may be hard to identify children who are affected by nonverbal learning disability or NLD at an early age. It is only when they enter higher grades that they begin to face problems, especially in social matters.

Common Nonverbal Learning Disability Symptoms

  • Degraded abstract reasoning.
  • The nonverbal learning disability affected child develops a fear of facing new situations.
  • The affected child also lacks good common sense.
  • Subjects like math and English are the most difficult subjects for the child who is affected with nonverbal learning disability.
  • The nonverbal learning disability affected child has very low self-esteem which consequently creates social problems.
  • The ability to think clearly and the reasoning power of the child declines.

Tips to Help Children Who Are Affected by Nonverbal Learning Disability

  • Help them with their assignments and all school activities.
  • Help the child with social meetings and gatherings.


3) Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability which causes difficulties in understanding basic math principles and solving simple problems. The dyscalculia-affected child finds it hard to interpret mathematical symbols and numbers. Even simple arithmetic problems are difficult for him or her to solve.

Common Symptoms of Dyscalculia

  • The dyscalculia-affected child finds it difficult to judge time and distance.
  • The dyscalculia-affected child also finds it difficult to differentiate between directions.
  • Mental visualizations are hard for the child.
  • Simple calculations in the mind are hard to render for a dyscalculia-affected child.

Tips for Treating Kids Suffering from Dyscalculia

  • There are many educational therapies for dyscalculia-affected children which are very effective
  • Parents should encourage and support the child in honing other skills in which he or she excels. These skills could be in things like art, music or sports.


  • Dyscalculia: An overview of this learning disability.
  • Parents: Essential information for parents with children who have Dyscalculia.

4) Memory Disabilities

People who are affected by memory disabilities may find it really difficult to memorize things. Memory disabilities are just some of the types of learning disabilities that affect memorization. For instance, the person with a particular mental disability may forget a sentence spoken by someone two minutes ago.

Common Symptoms of Memory Disabilities

  • Difficulty in remembering even simple things like the name of the person whom he/she just met.
  • Difficulty in solving those types of math problems which require memorizing formulas.

Tips for Treating Kids with Memory Disabilities

  • Kids who are affected by learning disabilities need to be treated very patiently and calmly as it is easy for children to become frustrated when having to repeatedly work at things that their peers are able to accomplish with ease.


5) Visual and Auditory Disabilities

People with visual and auditory disabilities are able to hear and see properly but it is hard for them to communicate properly.

Tips for Treating Children with Visual and Auditory Disabilities

  • As with other learning disabilities, special attention should be given to help children overcome their disability.
  • It’s best to enroll the child in a school with a special education program.



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