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Business Class Travel to India

taj-mahalIt’s time to meet in person with professionals across oceans with deals on the best business class fares to India. Business opportunities in India are increasing by leaps and bounds as the nation’s economy continues to expand and develop. As India’s middle class emerges and grows, it’s no surprise that the country is now a prime place for companies to make their mark. Corporate travelers flock to Delhi in greater numbers each year, flying into the nation’s capital to strike deals here or in other major cities, like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. However, while trying to strike it rich abroad, you can easily strike out, if you don’t take the time to learn about the local culture and business etiquette before you head for the airport.

Looking the Part

The journey to making a profit in India starts with your suitcase. Before heading off to that big business meeting, ensure that you’re dressed neatly and professionally. No matter how warm the weather, don’t pull out the shorts and sandals; keep your attire modest, especially avoiding anything with a revealing neckline. Once you’re dressed for success, you’re ready to head to your meeting, but make sure it’s the only meeting you’ll be having that day. Often, those you’re doing business with will expect that you’ll have a meal together once your dealings are done, and it would be rude to refuse.

At the Table

When you’re enjoying lunch or dinner with your business associates, make sure to drink bottled water or canned drinks, rather than tap water or alcoholic beverages; they’re the safest bet. Also, avoid ordering pork or beef dishes from a restaurant menu, even if featured, because this might give offense to Muslim or Hindu dining partners. While eating, use your spoon as your main utensil; the fork should be used primarily to move food onto the spoon. If you’re eating in a more rural part of the country, your hosts might expect you to eat using your hands instead. If you find yourself in this situation, use the bread to scoop up food, and make sure to use only your right hand when doing so, as Indian custom considers the left hand to be unclean. Take your time to enjoy the exotic blends of spices characteristic of Indian cuisine, but no matter how much you like the food, don’t empty your plate. A clean plate is a signal to your host that you’re still hungry, while leaving a little bit of food behind shows that you’re well-satisfied.

To the Subcontinent in Style

Doing your best to follow along with the local culture and customs is always a good idea when doing business abroad. Another good idea is not to spend too much money on business class fares to India. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out the best business class to India: On the contrary, flying in business class is the best advice you could take when you’re going on an international business trip. After all, flying coach can leave you withered and weary by the time you land in India, meaning you’ll be in no shape to hit the ground running and get down to business. On the other hand, flying in the front of the plane means you’ll enjoy perks like multi-course in-flight meals and a seat that reclines flat, so you’ll get there feeling well-fed and well-rested.

High Class, Low Cost

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