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What Benefits Can Disability Services Provide?

Disability benefits help to financially sustain a disabled person who cannot work for a number of different reasons. There are disability services at the state and federal level, depending on the individual disability and whether it is short-term or long-term. Short-term disability benefits usually come from the disabled person's employer and/or state. Those with long-term or permanent disabilities that preclude them from working are usually able to collect Social Security disability benefits. It is important that people have access to disability benefits, as an unexpected illness or a tragic accident could render a person incapable of working and supporting themselves.

The primary benefit disability services provide is financial resources. Disability benefits include financial support, so the disabled person can meet their living expenses. This improves a disabled person's way of life by not only allowing them to continue to pay their bills, but also by giving them a sense of independence they might not otherwise have. For many disabled persons, remaining self-sufficient is far more important than anything else, as it boosts their pride and feeling of self-worth. There is nothing worse than suddenly losing your independence and becoming fully dependent upon others; those faced with this hardship often suffer from depression as well as the condition that has disabled them.

Disability.Gov Connecting the Disability Community to Information and Opportunities

Disability benefits also provide disabled people with the means to get the equipment they need. This includes medical supplies, scooters or power chairs, wheelchairs, walk-in tubs and showers, a companion animal, and many other sources of help the disabled person might need to function in their daily life. There are state and federal disability services, as well as volunteer and private organizations that dedicate their time solely to finding a disabled person that perfect seeing-eye-dog, for example. Many private industries, such as wheel or power chair manufacturers, also work directly with disability services to ensure a disabled person has the ability to get the service equipment they need to sustain their independent lifestyle. In most cases, the disabled person can obtain the companion animal or piece of equipment at no charge provided they qualify for the disability benefit.

Guide Dogs of America

State disability benefits, and most employer and/or personal disability insurance benefits, are primarily for those disabled short-term. These types of disabilities usually include temporary injuries sustained in an accident, temporary illness -- be it mental or physical -- or any other qualifying condition that precludes a person from working for a period of time that is generally six months or less. Short-term disability benefits provide a portion of the worker's salary, and are only meant to help during the brief period of time it takes for the worker to get better and return to work. Some companies offer short-term disability coverage as part of their insurance benefits package. Many people also purchase their own supplemental short-term disability insurance to make sure they are covered in the event of a temporary inability to work.

World Institute on Disability's Disability Benefits 101 Information Services

Social Security disability benefits are primarily for those disabled long-term or permanently. Founded in 1935 as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal to bring America out of The Great Depression, the Social Security Administration is an independent agency under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Taxpayers support Social Security disability benefits and the Social Security Administration distributes them. Disabled persons must qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. If they do, many unable to work ever again will receive Social Security disability benefits their entire lifetime.

Social Security Administration Benefits for People With Disabilities

Some disability services also provide in-home care for the disabled. This includes medical personnel who visit daily, weekly, or even stay with the disabled permanently. Usually, this type of disability service must be included in a personal disability insurance policy, as the state and federal agencies do not provide live-in assistance for the disabled. For some, however, live-in help is critical to maintaining their ability to survive.

Senior and Disabled Services in Home Care

No matter what disability benefits the disabled need, chances are there are disability services that provide it. This includes some employee benefits packages and personal insurance coverage. A person hopes they never need to use disability benefits, because that means the person has been hurt or is ill. Unfortunate things do happen, however, and it is critical to have disability services that provide disability benefits to those who are faced with a temporary or permanent inability to provide for themselves.


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