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Photo by: Paul Segal (Stock Exchange)

Photo by: Paul Segal (Stock Exchange)

Happy almost New Year! In our last visit together, we learned all about disability access in Israel, and had a whirlwind tour of some of the accessible travel options around the country. This time we’ll be zooming in and talking specifically about wheelchair accessible attractions, mainly in Jerusalem, one of the world’s holiest sites. Let’s go explore … [more]

New York's Central Park
Photo by: InsdorfG (Stock Exchange)

Good day, all! As the northeast deals with one of the biggest winter storms in recent memory, I hope everyone is safe and sound where they want to be for this holiday season. We here at the Disabled Travelers Blog are settled in for some great seasonal celebration. I just thought I’d pop in and continue our wheelchair accessible journey through NYC right quick – this time putting together a little access guide for a few of the city’s most iconic attractions. In the last part of our City series, we mainly covered getting there and getting around; now it’s on to disability access around the classic sights. [more]

Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Photo by: Fabio Arangio

Hello, everyone! Since we explored London just a little while ago, I thought it would be great if we turned our attention toward America’s most cosmopolitan city, New York. Naturally, digging through all the great sights, accommodations, and tours that you’d need for a full New York City access guide will take more than one post! So consider this the first in an ongoing series all about handicapped travelers in the Big Apple. We’ll be revisiting it throughout the coming months and offering a big wrap-up sometime in the future. For now, let’s get started on disabled travel in NYC! [more]

Chirck Gardens, Wales, UK
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Hello, everyone! I’m back, and that means it’s time to finish up our guide to disabled travel in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Over the last few posts we’ve covered the best in access guides and handicapped travel in Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. This time, it’s on to Wales – one of the most unique and captivating destinations that’s right across the pond. A country of three million and the only place where you can find the beautiful Welsh language spoken by natives, it benefits from its close ties with Britain, but has a flavor all its own. [more]

The docks of Dublin City

The docks of Dublin City

Hello and welcome! If you’ve been keeping up with the Disabled Travelers blog lately, you know that I’ve been offering disabled traveling tips throughout the United Kingdom. Last time was London; today we’ll continue the trend with accessibility guides and mobility impaired access information on another wonderful destination, the Emerald Isle … specifically, Dublin! Even flying in to Dublin provides amazing sights: the countryside is amazingly green and beautiful, and it only gets better when you land.

Many trips into Dublin from London, Glasgow, and other cities throughout the UK will involve a short flight on Aer Lingus, the main airline serving destinations in the Republic of Ireland. According to their disabled travel page, Aer Lingus will actually notify your departure and arrival airports if you need any wheelchair access assistance, including transport through the airport itself and to the wheelchairs Aer Lingus provides. However, you’re required to contact Aer Lingus special assistance 48 hours in advance.