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Costa Rica, one of the more popular deaf travel destinations

Costa Rica, one of the more popular deaf travel destinations
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Good day, all, and welcome!

It’s time for July’s Disabled Travelers deaf travel update … and just as I predicted, there’s more and more going on in the deaf travel world every month!

Granted, I haven’t found what I would call “access guides” for the globetrotter with hearing loss, but I’m kicking up my search a notch and hope to report back with more findings very soon.

There’s so much to share lately, you might see a deaf travel doubleheader from me this month! [more]

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge
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Good day, everybody!

Disabled Travelers’ Australia access guides are shaping up nicely, as we’ve hacked through the Outback and visited the capital, Canberra.

Now we have what’s arguably the most famous city in Australia in our sights: Sydney!

Home of the world-famous Sydney Opera House, now the most recently constructed UNESCO World Heritage Sites on Earth, situated in the city that’s easily the biggest tourist draw on the whole island. Without further ado, let’s explore! [more]

Telstra Tower in Canberra, Australia

Telstra Tower in Canberra, Australia
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

We have been wandering around the Australian outback for a few posts now, and it is time to check out accessibility in some great cities.

Sydney may be the most famous, but the capital of Australia is actually Canberra, in the southeast corner of the continent.

Called the “Bush Capital” for its lush greenery and wide-open public spaces, it has some of the country’s oldest and most distinguished museums and art collections, plus all the historic government sites you would expect from a world capital. [more]

An Australian farm in the countryside

An Australian farm in the countryside
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Thanks for popping in as Disabled Travelers continues its journey through the brush, building up toward the best Australia access guides on the ‘net.

Last time we talked about handicapped travel resources throughout the Outback, but Australia is a big country, so before we hit the cities in style, I thought we would highlight some of the most beloved tourist attractions all over the island and see which ones offer the most in accessibility.

Naturally, these trips will bring us right back to the Outback again, but after this, it’s on to the capital, Canberra, and then the largest metropolis, Sydney! Then we’ll check out Brisbane, and after that, who can tell? [more]

An Australian rainbow

An Australian rainbow
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers, all!

After dropping by Oceania a few posts back and taking a look at Australia, a vast and unique country that’s working hard to leave behind a checkered past in accessibility, I’ve decided it’s finally time for the long-awaited Disabled Access: Australia series.

We’ll be visiting the major cities as well as touring the wilderness – which is exactly what’s on today’s agenda. [more]

Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, Switzerland Photo by: Dimitri Castrique (Stock Exchange)

Howdy and welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

I’m back from vacation and ready to roll with more valuable tips, handicapped travel resources, and access guides here at the happeningest blog on the ‘net for disabled globetrotters.

It’s time for our monthly news round-up, where we’ll once again visit top media outlets and blogs reporting on the latest developments in the wide world of wheelchair accessible travel.

Let’s get underway! [more]

Don’t sign up for “a three-hour tour” until you know who you’re dealing with!

Don’t sign up for “a three-hour tour” until you know who you’re dealing with!
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Howdy, all! This is just a brief note from Disabled Travelers to give you some new tools for finding your next tour operator or travel agent. As our loyal readers know, there are literally hundreds of tour operators out there who provide customized itineraries full of accessible attractions, wheelchair accessible hotels, and private tours in world-class cities around the globe. And this is a good thing! But I, your humble narrator, can’t claim to have met and worked with even a fraction of the business owners and agents we talk about on our blog. So, what to do to make sure your experience is top quality? [more]


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The deaf tourism market is growing by the day, and Disabled Travelers is here to help our deaf friends find the best deals and book the best trips in handicapped travel for the hearing impaired. Because this is so important, we’ve started a monthly special feature to show off the very best in deaf tour operators and vacation packages around the world. If you know something we don’t, or have an experience with any of these sites or services that you want to share, write in any time! Here are this month’s picks … [more]

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro
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Howdy, folks! Here at Disabled Travelers, we’re gearing up for the big summer travel season. As I mentioned in previous posts, it’s off to Berlin and many other destinations. But before I go, I’ve rustled up some handicapped travel resources to help you out during this often hectic time of year. A high volume of both able-bodied and handicapped travelers jet off to enjoy the summer months abroad, but that’s no reason that getting where you’re going can’t be enjoyable and easy for all. [more]

Gulf Coast beaches: still here, and open for business!

Gulf Coast beaches: still here, and open for business!
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Thanks for tuning into the number one blog for handicapped travel and international access guides, Disabled Travelers. As we move into the second month since the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I just wanted to update everyone on travel conditions here in the region. As you may remember, I am a life-long resident of Florida and frequent traveler throughout the Gulf region, so this is a particularly important subject for me. Here are a few things to know about the situation. [more]