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The view from LAX, which recently made it easier for guide dogs to fly

The view from LAX
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers, everyone! Today’s News Round-Up includes some great pieces from the States and around the world, giving you a good look at some of the most helpful happenings in mobility impaired access and handicapped travel.

With the 2010 Paralympic Games coming up soon, coverage is starting to heat up and international travel is a big part of putting together such a key event. So let’s start there …

Interest is especially high for the Paralympics this year, and there are already plans to cover 2012’s London Paralympics extensively on TV in the UK. [more]

Northern Rockhole Waterfall, Australia

Northern Rockhole Waterfall, Australia
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Howdy, folks!

We’re finally at the end of the all-encompassing Disabled Travelers Australia Series, and we’ve provided access guides for every single one of the Australian states and their capitals!

(This even included Tasmania, our most recent stop.)

Now it’s time to clean things up and close them down by providing everything that “didn’t quite fit” earlier — such as handicapped organizations and disabled travel resources that cover the whole country or have a more general focus. [more]

A stormy sunset in Australia’s Northern Territory

A stormy sunset in Australia’s Northern Territory
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers! As we wind down our stupendous and compendious series of access guides for Australia, we come to Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory. Though it’s the least populous capital on the island, it’s the heart and soul of the Northern Territory and well-known as a jumping off point for Asian destinations. Darwin Harbor and surroundings have grown from pioneer days and include historic shipwrecks and terrific fishing. But how’s the wheelchair access? Let’s see …

One of the biggest attractions in Darwin is the harbor area, so let’s start with accessible hotels around Darwin Harbor. You can also get plenty of listings for wheelchair-friendly accommodations from PleaseTakeMeTo, Australian Bed and Breakfast, and of course, Stayz. One very well-located and reputable option is the Darwin Central Hotel, which has a selection of accessible rooms. There’s also Escape Travel for even more hits. If you’re headed between Darwin and Adelaide, or planning to pop by famous Alice Springs, you’ll want to hear about The Ghan, one of Rail Australia’s most historic trains. Of course, Darwin International Airport is another handy option. [more]

A view of central Perth from the Bell Tower

A view of central Perth from the Bell Tower
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We’re on an Australia marathon here at Disabled Travelers, and we’re coming ‘round the bend to the sun-soaked city of Perth, capital of Western Australia and fourth-largest city on the island, known for its brilliant beaches and lively nightlife, made even more lively by the steady stream of able-bodied and handicapped travelers who visit on a regular basis. Perth is a beautiful city, and a big part of our access guide countdown to hit all the major metro zones in the wacky and wonderful Land of Oz.

So far, local airports and airlines have been a little hit-or-miss with accessibility, and that’s a shame. Perth Airport is pretty terse about accessibility within the terminals, but you can get a wheelchair by calling ahead to the airline you’re flying with. Better news is provided by official outlets: the City of Perth website affirms its commitment to universal access in a glowing and detailed listing of accessibility features, including transit, parking, streets, and buildings. Ramps, tactile indicators and audible street signs are common throughout the city. For a more whimsical take on the city’s attractions and offerings, try Perth Tourist Centre Online. [more]

Want MORE deaf travel news? You got it!

Want MORE deaf travel news? You got it!
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Welcome everyone to Disabled Travelers, where we’ve decided to push the envelope and provide just a little more especially for deaf travel this month.

Finding accessible hotels, attractions, and tour operators when you’re hard of hearing isn’t easy, but things are getting better – and if we do our part to make it easier, then I’d consider it a job well done!

We have a few more points of interest to share today, and then it’s back to the Land Down Under to finish up our Australia access guides. Right now, I am excited to present July’s deaf travel resources … the sequel! [more]

Costa Rica, one of the more popular deaf travel destinations

Costa Rica, one of the more popular deaf travel destinations
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Good day, all, and welcome!

It’s time for July’s Disabled Travelers deaf travel update … and just as I predicted, there’s more and more going on in the deaf travel world every month!

Granted, I haven’t found what I would call “access guides” for the globetrotter with hearing loss, but I’m kicking up my search a notch and hope to report back with more findings very soon.

There’s so much to share lately, you might see a deaf travel doubleheader from me this month! [more]

An Australian rainbow

An Australian rainbow
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Welcome back to Disabled Travelers, all!

After dropping by Oceania a few posts back and taking a look at Australia, a vast and unique country that’s working hard to leave behind a checkered past in accessibility, I’ve decided it’s finally time for the long-awaited Disabled Access: Australia series.

We’ll be visiting the major cities as well as touring the wilderness – which is exactly what’s on today’s agenda. [more]

Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, Switzerland Photo by: Dimitri Castrique (Stock Exchange)

Howdy and welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

I’m back from vacation and ready to roll with more valuable tips, handicapped travel resources, and access guides here at the happeningest blog on the ‘net for disabled globetrotters.

It’s time for our monthly news round-up, where we’ll once again visit top media outlets and blogs reporting on the latest developments in the wide world of wheelchair accessible travel.

Let’s get underway! [more]

Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, FL

Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, FL
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Howdy, all!

On today’s Disabled Travelers, a set of new links for finding accessible hotels. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say I’ve just gotten back from a whirlwind trip around Europe and I’m going to need a few days to decompress before we really hit the trail again.

For that reason, just going to share a few things quickly right now, while I take a little vacation from my vacation.

Photos need to be uploaded, packing unpacked, and handwritten notes for future blog posts interpreted! [more]

“Hello there, how are you?” asks this southern Australia resident

“Hello there, how are you?” asks this southern Australia resident
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Hello again and welcome to Disabled Travelers! Today we’re going to visit Australia, the island continent famous for its Outback and countless species of animals that appear nowhere else on Earth. As we’ve discussed, Australia has traditionally had some issues with mobility impaired access, but recent legislature really demonstrates that a “good faith” effort is underway to improve accessibility for all. There are many cities with well-developed sites friendly to everyone, and you can’t have such a fascinating land without a whole range of tour operators, many of whom cater specifically to accessible travel. [more]