Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
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Hello, and welcome back to Disabled Travelers!

You know, one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. I love the meal, I love seeing family, and I love the whole concept behind taking some time to reflect on what’s good in life.

As disabled travelers, we face some challenges when it comes to our favorite hobby, but there are actually a lot of things going right in the world of accessible travel these days.

This post will zoom in on some of the high points we’ve hit over the course of this great year on the blog.

Accessible Journeys: Accessible Journeys is a truly incredible travel company focused on fully accessible itineraries for disabled travelers all over the world. With one of the best and longest records in the industry, their group and independent wheelchair-accessible tours have ranged all over the globe. Right now, they’re advertising opportunities in Scotland, Ireland, Peru, and Chile, but this really only scratches the surface of what this amazing team is capable of. Tours, cruises, and safaris are available for Alaska, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, New Zealand, and many other places. Most highly recommended!

Cruise Critic: It’s rare when a site not devoted especially to disabled travel has such great resources that we end up recommending it again and again. Cruise Critic is an exception. One of the internet’s foremost sites for planning a cruise and discussing your experiences before, during, and after, it’s also a haven for disabled travelers seeking the best cruises out there. With Cruise Critic, anyone can join in and get expert advice from other cruise-goers, whether you have questions about mobility or need accommodation for hearing, sight, or medical needs. Stop by for the columns, but stay for the friendly atmosphere.

Nondiscrimination in Air Travel: This new proposal by the Department of Transportation stands to be one of the most important developments in air travel for the disabled in a long, long time. The Nondiscrimination Act will require airport kiosks to feature full accessibility, and will extend accessibility requirements to airline websites. This is a leap forward for those with sight or hearing impairments, as every step of your air journey will now be required to meet the same high standards expected of your time on the airplane. The Nondiscrimination Act isn’t a done deal yet, so if you haven’t gone to the official site to make your comments, please visit! It could make a world of difference!

The Passenger’s Bill of Rights: Horror stories about delayed flights, lost baggage, and all kinds of other inconveniences are on the downward slide nowadays thanks in part to activists all around the country and recent moves by the Department of Transportation. Extended rights for flyers have reduced tarmac time and put new processes in place to keep travelers from getting stranded. Just as importantly, more and more flyers are now informed about their rights. If you have a question, this page from the Department of Transportation provides a great overview of just about everything, including a primer on the rights of disabled individuals in the sky. Browse this before a flight — just in case.

What are YOU most thankful for in travel this year? Let me know below!


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