“]Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland

Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland
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Hello and welcome to Disabled Travelers!

Today I’d like to take time out to extend a special thanks to those of you who’ve been with us a time.

Our loyal Disabled Travelers readers and their traveling companions have helped us reach a splendid milestone: Our parent site, disabledtravelers.com, is #1 on Google for disability travel searches!

This is a great honor, to be sure, and it has all come about thanks to your patronage.

So, what else is near the top of the list?

Today, we’ll review some of the best disabled travel sites … both the new, and old favorites that have shown up in our access guides over the months.

Accessible Journeys: This site has been one of our favorites for a good, long time. Accessible Journeys is one of the most well-established, comprehensive, and downright fun tour operators catering to the needs of those with any kind of disability. Their accessible group tours are among some of the most intriguing and exotic in the industry, and the company also handles independent wheelchair travel planning and my personal favorite, accessible cruises. Specials include Alaska, Chile, Egypt, and more.

Global Access News: Global Access News is one of the longest running disability travel newsletters on the internet, and provides a monthly e-zine in the form of travel tips compiled by readers around the world. Content is eclectic, with detailed reports and travelogues that cover the good, the bad, and the ugly all over the globe. Other regular features include an archive by geographic region, disability website links, and trip planning tips, among much more. A great place to get the absolute freshest travel views.

Disabled Cruise Travel: This new entry is part of the user community at Cruise Critic, one of the oldest sites on the web for getting inside insight on the best cruise lines and deals anywhere you care to go. Cruise Critic has been around for fifteen years now, and provides both editorial reviews and user-submitted content. I don’t usually link to forums, but this one is bursting at the seams with terrific tips. It’s ultra-busy, welcoming, and you can probably find someone to help you with just about any cruise-related question.

Slow Travel: If traveling at a slower pace is your preference, check out Slow Travel. This site is full of travel reports and guides, reviews of tour services, and listings for adapted vacation homes in a number of popular countries. At last count, they had sub-sites running for Italy, France, the UK, Switzerland, Spain, and North America. All of these have planning tips, forums, disabled hotel listings and accessible restaurants, as well as user-submitted maps of the local area using Google Maps. Very helpful!

As you can see, Disabled Travelers is in some good company, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. We’re very pleased to have a positive impact on so many readers. Don’t forget to spread the good cheer by visiting some of the sites above, or suggest your own disabled travel resources in the handy comment box at the bottom of the page. Once again, Disabled Travelers is nothing without you, so thanks for your support!


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Comment by Rollsquare

Posted on September 3rd, 2011

I’d like to suggest adding http://rollsquare.com to your list. It is an user generated map of places accessible to persons on a wheelchair. Users can read, add or review places on the website, and then use the webapp on their smartphones to find accessible places near them when they are abroad.

Comment by Dating Site for Disabled

Posted on September 21st, 2011

You can also list my site, dedicated to help disabled people in Canada meet online: datingdisabled.ca