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Two distinct trails provide diverse outdoor experiences. One rises 200 feet in elevation to a highland knoll that provides panoramic views of the Monadnocks, the Contoocook River valley, Western Massachusetts and the Uncanoonuc Mountains in Goffstown. The second trail meanders through a variety of forested and wetland areas, where viewing platforms allow observation of wildlife including beaver, deer, moose, bears, porcupines and many other upland species.

“Experiences like this are usually unavailable to people who rely on wheelchairs and other aids for mobility or who have other physical impairments,” said Don Shumway, president of Crotched Mountain. Shumway sees another important aspect to the new trail system. “As our population ages, more and more seniors will want access to outdoor recreation activities at a level that’s appropriate for them,” he said. “This new trail system provides that.”

USA Today named the opening of these trails one of the top ten travel news stories for July.

More information about the trail can be found on Crotched Mountain’s website.