A tempting sight for golf-lovers!

A tempting sight for golf-lovers!
Photo by: Robert Linder (Stock Exchange)

Fore! Howdy all, and welcome to Disabled Travelers! In today’s blog, DT dips into the mailbag to answer another scintillating viewer question. I actually have a friend to thank for this one, an avid golfer who suggested we take a look at accessibility on the green. So, today’s Disabled Travelers trip is one to the fairway. Wheelchair golfers rejoice, as there’s much in the way of good news while we look at the venerable sport and art of golf – barrier-free, no less! – here in the United States.

SoloRider is the industry leader in accessible golf carts. Not only that, the company has the distinction of being a major player in establishing Americans with Disabilities Act compliance at golf courses. ADA laws require equal access in public places and the majority opinion is that this includes golf courses (with the exception of totally private clubs.) What this means for you is that many – though not all – major golf courses, including the most famous travel destinations, provide at least one adapted golf cart for wheelchair-bound golfers.

While SoloRider may not be the only adaptive golf cart, it is the most widely used. Disabled travelers and travel companions with mobility issues should call ahead or log on to see if these or similar carts are available. As golfers well know, there are many beautiful courses throughout the U.S., and I’ve gotten us started by finding a few that provide this top quality accessible service. Feel free to ring in with your own picks – and if your local course isn’t accessible, give them a call and let them know you’re there!

A Quick Selection of Accessible Golf Courses

Napa Golf Course – Napa, CA

Foxtail Golf Club – Rohnert Park, CA

Crystal Springs Golf Course – Burlingame, CA

Stanford University Golf Course – Stanford, CA

And many more …

But hold the phone, because that’s not all. Your usual clubs and courses aren’t the only places where you can find SoloRider and other adaptive golf carts. Another great place to look is the public park system, which maintains golf courses in many states. Federal and state lands are accredited compliant with ADA standards and, by definition, have to work quite a bit harder on their accessibility than the average bear.

Disabled travelers should check these out …

Hamilton County, OH Parks System Solorider page

Accessible Golf in the City of Phoenix, AZ

Niagara Parks Golf – A Leader in Accessible Golf

For a little more insight on Solorider, and a slew of reviews that might help you plan your next excursion, check out Disability Product Reviews by Access Anything, which gave the Solorider four stars. To search your local or vacation area in advance for accessible golf equipment, visit MobilityGolf, the online source for accessible golf courses. And for a whole lot more info and context on ADA and golfers, read Disabled Golfers Fight for Accessibility and Acceptance. (Take heart, fellow Disabled Travelers – this article is from 2004, and conditions are getting better.)

Thanks for tuning in to Disabled Travelers. I sure appreciate having you stop by. Who knows where Disabled Travelers will wind up next? Whether on the fairway or the freeway, you can find me with the next accessible travel update this time next week. Cheers!


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