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News and views for handicapped travelers ...
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Hello, everybody! I hope you had a most wonderful first week of the New Year! I kicked it off in the warm weather of Tampa, Florida; a huge change from my journey to Times Square last time around!

And now, to celebrate 2011 and all its great promise, I thought I would bring back a fun feature from the Disabled Travelers archives: the monthly News Round-Up!

And remember, if YOU’VE got news to share, you can always post me a comment or send me an email at! Here we go …

I’ve mentioned him before, but this is worth repeating: Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor at Large for AARP, maintains Peter Greenberg Worldwide, a site that offers the latest travel news often with a slant toward disabled travelers and accessibility issues. Peter’s home on the web also includes audio and text Daily Travel Tips. As recently as December 27th, he did a piece on Wheelchair Users and Airlines, the latest addition in an expansive Accessible Travel section. Very highly recommended!

Even though the holiday travel season is coming to a close, the winter months are a good test of how airlines and government agencies are adapting to the accessibility needs of disabled travelers. Chicago Tribune reporter Lisa Black offers us an insight on the mixed air security situation for handicapped passengers. The Transportation Security Agency claims to have worked with 70 “disability-related groups” developing screening procedures for handicapped travelers, and many sources are reporting gains in courtesy, understanding, and efficiency. Let’s hope the trend continues!

TSA is a major part of how Americans fly, and any growth in its treatment of disabled travelers is a positive sign. But there are a lot of airports and a lot of airlines, and some of them have catching up to do when it comes to accessibility. JetBlue was recently fined over half a million dollars for violations pertaining in part to their treatment of handicapped travelers. The airline allegedly failed to provide adequate help to disabled passengers boarding and leaving planes. While there’s nothing good about any of that, hats off to Department of Transportation for ensuring a hefty portion of the fine is used by JetBlue to improve accessibility and training.

Now to turn our attention to a little something that’s not so little – an issue just about every handicapped world traveler has dealt with at one time or another. From The Jerusalem Post, a short piece of advice that goes a long way: “Treat Disabled Passengers as Competent Adults.” Commemorating the International Day of Persons With Disabilities (December 3rd), a blind traveler relates her experiences with Israel’s El Al Airlines and airport staff across Israel and the United States. Some simple, but sage advice, with an especially useful perspective for those with sight disabilities asserting their rights as travelers.

Everybody wants to be independent, but not everybody – disabled or not – is always comfortable with travel. For some, the complications of traveling with a disability can seem overwhelming, especially as airport procedures get more complicated. That’s why it’s terrific news that Logan International Airport and St. Vincent Healthcare teamed up to demonstrate security procedures for wheelchair-using patients. It sounds like this initiative really helped St. Vincent patients gain confidence, and I hope it helps them take trips of their own when they’re out and about again! Good work, all!

That’s it for this week and this edition of the News Round-Up! But you can bet I’ll be back with more next week, starting on a whole new adventure with a slew of articles about the places I hope to visit in my next few trips. Catch you then!


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