A harbor in Monaco

A harbor in Monaco
Photo by: getye1 (Stock Exchange)

Howdy, all! Since wandering through the Pyrenees and discovering wheelchair accessible hotels in Andorra, I’ve decided to take up the challenge of working on some of the world’s smallest countries. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we now have the power to learn more about these destinations than ever before, so why not? Monaco is our next stop: Monaco. Found on the Mediterranean in southwest Europe, Monaco is influenced by neighbors France and Italy, and is known for Formula One racing and frequent visits by American and European “high rollers” to the “Las Vegas of Europe”, Monte Carlo.

AngloInfo starts us off with facts on accessible transportation and more. This covers nearby airports as well as train service, ferries, car rental, and priority parking for disabled people. There is even a handicapped accessible beach catering wheelchair users and those with visual handicaps. It offers specially equipped wheelchairs for enjoying the surf and is open every day from June to September.

For that all-important personal perspective, Global Access News is there with Nice and Monaco, February 2008. The article discusses transportation, lodging, and travel between Monaco and Nice, a city in southern France that’s a common jumping-off point for those visiting the neighboring principality. Incidentally, since France and Monaco are so closely linked, you can actually visit the country through Accessible Journeys’ Accessible France Tour. One of the tour operator’s eleven-day package plans in France includes a full day in Monaco, and customized plans are also possible.

You’ll definitely want to consider basing yourself in France, as Monaco itself has some rough terrain and relatively few ramps. You can learn a lot about the country and ways to connect to it from Getting Around in Monaco, part of the unofficial web guide to the city-state. Though there is not much accessible information in the rest of the site, it does reveal that there are some disabled access facilities at beautiful Larvotto Beach on the Mediterranean. The website is also useful in its detailed discussions of attractions and annual festivities, such as the Grand Prix, Yacht Show, and Monaco’s cathedral and palace.

Even if you’re using France as a home base, it’s always good to know about accessible hotels in the area you’re visiting. Thanks to Monte Carlo and its hot gambling scene, there are lots of luxury hotels that pay a fair bit more attention to handicapped travelers than Monaco’s city planners did. Try Vista Palace Hotel Monaco for three wheelchair accessible rooms with bathroom facilities. There’s also the Carlo Alanya, which claims to be wheelchair-friendly and has beach access.

Stay tuned for the upcoming France series for even more information that can make your trips to Monaco and Andorra that much easier and more enjoyable. We’ll be scooting through some more “small countries” and also checking in with the ol’ mailbag in the next few posts. ’til then, adventure on!


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