Disabled Travelers is on the way back from a long journey – and better than ever!
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Howdy, all! This is Si, once again reporting to you live from the Disabled Travelers blog. After a long hiatus, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be picking up my former role here. Starting today, I will be posting at Disabled Travelers every Friday morning, four weeks a month, twelve months out of the year. Now, that’s not quite as many posts as I was doing before, granted; but the new pace means I get to put even more time and care into each one. I’m looking forward to being “back,” and I hope you’re glad to have me!

A lot has happened since my last post, and there sure is a lot of news and information I’d like to share with you soon. Next week, I’ll be back to the ol’ familiar: complete coverage of handicapped travel resources and holidays for the disabled around the world. Until then, please feel free to write in with your questions, comments, and requests for future posts. I get them as soon as you send them; and I will be responding to comments to the best of my ability between posts. Make no mistake about it: Disabled Travelers is here!

Not sure where our next destination will be, but here’s a quick peek at some new websites for you to enjoy:

Handicapped Travel Club, Inc: A U.S.-based organization run by and for the disabled. Founded in 1973 by disabled couples from Texas and California, it now boasts over 200 members and offers a regular newsletter and annual rally, plus a regional get-together that can happen just about anywhere in the U.S. The Club is open to disabled and non-disabled folks alike, and strongly encourages accessible RV travel.

Access Travel Center: Covers everything from vehicle rentals and sales all the way down to travel wheelchairs, disabled hotels, dealing with airlines, and even fun stuff like dating and charter jet rentals. Most of the site is set up as a link directory on the various topics, so you may need to look at some other sites if you have questions, but the links are high quality and there’s a lot of them! See, travel planning really can be fun!

Emerging Horizons: This is a super-slick web magazine for wheelchair users and those who like to travel at their own pace. I may have mentioned it briefly in the past, but I just want to point out that the Autumn 2010 issue is up and looks great. Though it is a pay publication, you can get a lot of content without a subscription, including the Barrier Free Travels blog! The current issue features trip details from Indianapolis, going beyond the Indy 500 to uncover much more about this great city.

That’s it for today, but keep us in mind, ‘cause we’ll be back before you know it! Thanks for reading, now and in the future …


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