The view from LAX, which recently made it easier for guide dogs to fly

The view from LAX
Photo by: David Kwok (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to Disabled Travelers, everyone! Today’s News Round-Up includes some great pieces from the States and around the world, giving you a good look at some of the most helpful happenings in mobility impaired access and handicapped travel.

With the 2010 Paralympic Games coming up soon, coverage is starting to heat up and international travel is a big part of putting together such a key event. So let’s start there …

Interest is especially high for the Paralympics this year, and there are already plans to cover 2012’s London Paralympics extensively on TV in the UK.

Also check out Metro Spirit’s article on U.S. Paralympics standout Jeanette Thompson. There’s also the inspiring story of partially sighted sprinter Jason Smyth, who has recently advanced from world-class Paralympic performances to compete with able-bodied athletes in recent major meets and events.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news: Ryan Cockbill, an exceptional wheelchair-bound shooter and rugby player, is out of Paralympic consideration as it came to light that the NHS will not fund the travel costs of his medically necessary carer.

In airlines news, LAX has become the latest of many major airports to add canine rest areas throughout the terminals. These areas are being added in response to the needs of handicapped travelers who rely on guide and service dogs, and come equipped complete with grass, water bowls, and even replica fire hydrants. Other major airports with similar amenities include Atlanta International, San Francisco International, O’Hare, Sky Harbor in Phoenix, and the two key international airports in the Washington, D.C. area, Dulles and Reagan.

Can having a mobility (or hearing, or vision) impairment actually make you a better traveler? “Bad Latitude” travel writer Spud Hilton, with The San Francisco Chronicle, certainly thinks so. In more travel writer news, hilarious wheelchair-bound adventurer Zach Anner has started his own travel show on YouTube, which is expected to be a hit. Zach, who has cerebral palsy much like your friendly Disabled Travelers blogger, was recently featured on Oprah as part of her “Your OWN Show” contest. Anner is now going it alone to do a travel show for “people who never thought they could travel.” Best of luck to him, and let’s hope he moves up to even bigger and better venues soon!

That’s it for this month’s news round-up! With Australia behind us, we’ll be continuing our access guides and travelogues with the next installment of the blog. Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and that you’ll tune in next time to see what we have in store! Thanks for dropping in, and adventure on!


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