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The deaf tourism market is growing by the day, and Disabled Travelers is here to help our deaf friends find the best deals and book the best trips in handicapped travel for the hearing impaired. Because this is so important, we’ve started a monthly special feature to show off the very best in deaf tour operators and vacation packages around the world. If you know something we don’t, or have an experience with any of these sites or services that you want to share, write in any time! Here are this month’s picks …

The DeafNation World Expo is taking place in Las Vegas in late July, and it’s not too late to visit or get involved. This is a major event that brings deaf people together in a spirit of sharing and celebration, and this year especially, it has captured a lot of interest from travel agents and tour operators. ASL Dream Team is one spectacular choice in deaf travel that has made available a full-featured Las Vegas getaway package especially for this event. Check out their Ultimate Vacation 2010 FAQ, which has both 3-day and 6-day options. It definitely looks like a stellar opportunity for the deaf and allies!

I don’t know what it is about the deaf, luxurious cruises, and great water sports, but it seems like the three always go together. I don’t question it, I just enjoy it! Worldwide Dive and Sail does the same, providing dive equipment and excursions at top scuba and boating destinations. “Worldwide” is unique in that it strives to create an environment free of language barriers: in addition to an especially wide range of spoken languages, staff can also accommodate the deaf and hard of hearing.

Deaf Cruise is our final destination for today. Many specialized tour operators have deaf accessible cruises or tours only in one region or area, or only on a very limited basis, but Deaf Cruise has the happy distinction of going all over to provide the best cruise experience. They often have three voyages a year, shooting past organizations that spend a whole year preparing for just one! Past destinations have included the Mediterranean, Canada, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Alaska, to name a few. There’s even a planned world cruise, with info hosted on a separate companion site. The world cruise is scheduled for July 2013, and it’s intended to start in Rome and end in Athens. Outstanding!

More to come on Disabled Travelers, where we won’t stop until we’ve brought the world to your doorstep (and your monitor!) Don’t be a stranger, pop down to the comment box at the bottom of the screen and let me know what you think. But whether you join in or just keep reading, thank you for the visit. Enjoy your travels, and adventure on!


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