Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station
Photo by: Florian Engels (Stock Exchange)

Howdy, folks! Every once in a while on Disabled Travelers we sit back and enjoy a post or two from the one destination you always come back to: home. It’s time for just such a post, where we’ll be looking at the newest and latest websites to grace the wheelchair accessible travel scene. Plenty of creative and passionate folks are out there developing new resources for us to use, and it’s my job to tell you all about ‘em, so let’s roll.

A little while ago I mentioned the New York Timesgreat interview with the adventurous wheelchair traveler Matt Getze. What I forgot to mention in the excitement of the moment is that Matt has one of the best websites for handicapped travelers I’ve ever seen. As you know if you read the interview, this is one guy who challenges all the limits and isn’t content to play by the rules. He’s a serious adventure traveler, who provides first-hand experience and tips for destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Most people wouldn’t think of Asia as “accessible enough”, but Matt finds a way. And his tips for dealing with airlines, finding accessible hotels, and more are top-notch.

Disabled Travelers Guide to the World is a fantastic site with country-by-country overviews of accessible attractions and accessibility challenges. A totally nonprofit site, it’s run by Nancy and Nate Berger, genuine world travelers and married couple. Nancy is in a wheelchair, and she’s also the first wheelchair-bound woman to visit the exact spot in Antarctica where the Shackleton Expedition of 1916 was rescued. If that’s not amazing enough for you, check out the full-length and beautifully illustrated e-book Nate and Nancy have put together, filled with all kinds of info and mementos of their travel

Disaboom is a great informational website for all aspects of living with disabilities, and it covers a huge range of issues and conditions. One thing that caught my eye recently was “Handicapped Cruises: Four Tips for Wheelchair Travel”. Because I’ve only ever been on one cruise (yes, folks, I know I’m missing out!) it’s a little bit tricky for me to write as much as I’d like about wheelchair accessible cruises. This is one of those topics where Disaboom, with a vast base of useful articles, really comes in handy. If you’ve got questions about living life to the fullest with a disability, look here.

That’s it for today, but I’ll keep watching the web for more. If you’ve got a resource that’s gotten you out of a bind, a community you’ve found helpful, or insider knowledge on a great destination we haven’t covered yet, give us a holler any time and your contribution could be the focus of the next Disabled Travelers blog. Until next time, adventure on!


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Comment by Dr S Nathan Berger

Posted on January 23rd, 2011

Nearly half a year after the fact, came across your blogsite and its reference to our web site. Just wanted to say “Thanks” for your kind remarks. We have sent a number of people to your site and appreciate all the time it took to put the links together.


Nancy and Nate Berger

Comment by Si

Posted on January 28th, 2011

Great to hear from you, Nancy and Nate! Yours is still one of my favorite sites and a real motivation for my work on Disabled Travelers. Thanks for spreading the word about my blog — I truly appreciate it!