A glorious view of the Adriatic Sea

A glorious view of the Adriatic Sea
Photo by: Karlis Caupals (Stock Exchange)

Last month on Disabled Travelers, we kicked off a new feature exploring resources especially for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Now we continue looking at access guides, accessible cruises, and other information specifically for travelers with hearing impairment.

This is a slightly smaller niche than handicapped travel in general, but no less important, and there’s definitely a lot of great content that make your world travel goals a reality.

Now, another look into the vibrant world of deaf travel!

Fookem and Bug kicks us off with information on deaf travel agents. In addition to a very interesting, interpreted blog from a deaf traveler, the page offers plenty of links to travel agents and tour operators who specialize in facilitating tours for the deaf and hard of hearing. There’s also some useful comments attached to the entry from well-wishers and travelers who’ve used some of the services described.

Those of you who enjoy the social networking scene might want to join the Deaf Travel Club on Facebook. The group is a great way for fans of DeafTravelClub.com to get together, compare experiences, and plan new journeys. With over 5,000 supporters, you’ll find plenty of travel photos, videos, and like-minded people who are excited about their world travel. Why not stop by today?

DeafSpot.net is a general website for the deaf community, and it has a huge amount of news and resources covering lots of topics. It even includes some useful items on travel. Don’t miss the handy printable guide from the U.S. Department of Transportation outlining your rights as a traveler. Also check out Deafmall’s travel services page for providers of handicapped accessible travel focusing on the deaf, including deaf-owned boat charters and deaf accessible cruises.

Speaking of accessible cruises, Passages Accessible Travel is one of the best bets when it comes to fully deaf-friendly sea voyages to some of the hottest destinations around. According to the site, the final payment date for Mexico Cruise 2010 has already passed, but if Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Villarta sound good to you, I’d urge you to check with Passages, as there may be space left over for this seven-day August excursion. If not, it’s never too early to start planning for the featured cruise of 2011!

Deaftravel.co.uk has a good variety of travel stories from actual deaf travelers, as well as specialized tips and advice specifically for users of sign language. Though it doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of activity these days, much of the information is timeless, especially when it comes to navigating the differences in signed communication between countries and regions. There’s also a directory of world events for the deaf, which does seem to be kept up on a regular basis.

Well, that about wraps it up for this month’s special deaf travel supplement. But thanks to the expansion of deaf travel and an outpouring of interest, expect a slew of deaf travel resources in June; I’m working on a two-part series! See you then, and adventure on!


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