I wanted to share this email with you as it is great information for visitors looking for accessible travel in Spain.

As a disabled person ( I have MS) living in Barcelona I have developed Shoreside Services for cruise ship passengers that now cover the main ports of Spain and the Balearic Islands. The provision for disabled passengers is more or less non-existent in terms of shoreside activities such as excursions in adapted vehicles, assistance for deaf persons with guides who can sign, etc.

Having worked extensively with Accessible Barcelona owned by Craig Grimes as a subcontracted excursion operator specializing in tours for the disabled within Barcelona. I have now branched out to cover Spain and the Balearic Islands offering services to disabled travelers via the port ground handlers with whom I have exclusive rights to offer the following:

Those Shoreside Services that my company are able to offer to PSA, Seatrade Cruise Members & Specialist Agencies, and the individual traveler throughout Spanish ports consists of:
City Excursions – Barcelona (these services are in general available at each port however transport is always subject to availability)

  • Adapted vehicles accommodating anywhere from 1 disabled passenger with 3 companions to vehicles that can carry 6 wheelchair users and 6 companions, or up to 30 seaters with space for 2 wheelchairs and 28 passengers.
  • Top of the range luxury vehicles fully adapted (limited supply).
  • Signing for the hard of hearing.
  • Language options of English, Spanish, German

Other Services

  • Wheelchair hire, manual and electric
  • Onboard wheelchair hire for passengers to use for the duration of their cruise, manual or electric
  • Rental of electric scooters as an onboard service for the Cruise Operator to offer/rent to disabled passengers at various ports of call, with a 3 month turnaround of replacement scooters to ensure quality standards (maximum 3 per liner)
  • Care companions

For those who prefer to explore solo

  • City guides for the wheelchair user covering the use of public transport systems, availability of personal facilities adapted for the disabled client, location of accessible cafes, restaurants …. Etc.

Our contact number is +34 605918769 and our fax number +34 934713876 (non-functional at the moment as we await a new connection – mañana time in Spain!) or at http://disabledaccessibletravel.blogspot.com/

Alan Broadbent
Managing Director

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