Just wanted to let everyone know about a new site that was emailed to me for accessible travel information in South Africa.


In their words:


Welcome to this website for the discerning traveller with a wheelchair or special needs regarding facilities and accommodation for people with disabilities. A specialist in wheelchair training evaluates wheelchair accommodation and accessibility. We are also gathering information regarding wheelchair-friendly tourist attractions and your assistance will be appreciated – please send us your recommendations!

Every establishment on this website has been personally evaluated by an Occupational Therapist with 22 years experience and team of specialists to ensure that you have the correct and necessary information at hand. The photographs and short summary will assist you to ensure that your choice of wheelchair accommodation is accessible for all types of wheelchairs.

Many establishments advertise themselves as being wheelchair-friendly accommodation, but might not be suitable for your particular needs. Only 22,7% is wheelchair-friendly to a reasonable degree. A wheelchair picture does not guarantee you access to the bathroom and “wheelchair friendly” does not necessarily mean wheelchair accessible!

Our trustworthy advice will ensure your choice of the best accommodation to suit your special needs.

Have a whale of a time wherever you go!

Disability Consultant: Please contact us for assistance if you wish to upgrade your establishment to meet the necessary criteria for accessibility.”

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